Our vision

At Empire Strategists we provide you with the tools and experience necessary to grow your business empire. We specialize in Networking, Business Acquisitions, Growth Strategies, Marketing and Business Analytics.

We also specialize in rapid closing and crisis management – if you need it done yesterday then give us a call. We provide 24/7 support and we have successfully closed a full-service business acquisition within 24 hours. At Empire Strategists we get things done.

Consulting Bellevue Wa

Our Services


The bottom line is the foundation of any healthy business. Empire Strategists can do the math for you – Profitability Projections (Pro Forma), Margins, Revenue Analysis, Marketing Return, Expense Analysis, Tax Estimates, ROI, Payroll, Market Saturation – if it can be quantified then it can be analyzed. A well-developed analysis is exactly what you need to grow your business.


We are able to provide you with an extensive network of potential business partners. By contracting with us you become a part of that network, giving you the ability to further your business growth. We have connections with investors, business owners, vendors and professionals, providing unique marketing connections and potential clients within our network.

Marketing & SEO

We provide in house web design and custom web pages. We create professional and interactive pages with tasteful and engaging designs, E-commerce sales, keyword optimization, SEO/SEM, Google AdWords, custom content writing, graphics, and background images. We also offer custom social media development and management using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Growth Strategies

A strategic growth plan (or lack thereof) is what will make or break your business. A good business plan involves thinking ahead, making goals, planning out strategic lines of attack, establishing contingencies, and coming out victorious. It also avoids pitfalls, establishes growth and secures your future. An excellent strategic growth plan is both the most elusive and most valuable insight that we can provide for you.

Who We Are

Max Dzmitryiev – CEO

Jonathan Brighton – Analytics Master

Ian Vensel – Marketing Master

Brian Osgood – Webmaster

Christian Larzlere – Sales Professional

Our Clients




Within a couple weeks Empire had analyzed my Amazon business operations and set up a sales strategy to optimize inventory and boost sales. They calculated product margins and created a solid plan to stabilize my financial position. Empire Strategists have impressed me so much that I am now entrusting them with the entirety of the sales and marketing operations of my business.

Chad & Natasha

Chad & Natasha

Anabolic Aces

We started Anabolic Aces and got overwhelmed by operations rather quickly. In the short time that Empire Strategists have worked with us they have rapidly developed financial projections and margins for our services, pointing out some critical changes that would significantly boost our service schedule. They have rapidly answered questions and are very knowledgeable. Five stars.



Yranela & Associates

Empire Strategists was instrumental in establishing my Law Firm by handling all my marketing and bringing in a significant number of new clients. They helped spread my name and business from the start. I am very grateful for the time and effort that they have put into my success.

Dave Ward

Dave Ward

The High Point 420

Ian and Empire Strategists have been a huge help with our B2B and B2C marketing efforts. We are a local family owned business that is steadily growing, and creating content to interact with our consumers in a heavily regulated industry is difficult. We ramped up our sales and relationships with new customers thanks to their social media and in person work.

Nic Splatts

Nic Splatts

I am so THANKFUL for the Empire Strategists. I have been involved with cryptocurrency for years and decided to try and start a crypto operation. Within two months of starting to work with the Empire team, they brought me more clients than I had planned to have within a year! I would never of been able to do it without them




Empire Strategists have been a huge help in the Endorphins expansion over the years. Ian assisted in our early strategic growth strategies with digital scaling/targeting techniques. They helped us scale our festival brand activation impressions into the millions and made key connections with influencers and artists such as GoldLink & Kendrick Lamar 

Sharon Ballantine

Sharon Ballantine

Sharon Ballantine Parent Coach

I have been delighted with Empire’s work! They have been very responsive in fixing problems and performing edits. Their dedication through this process has resulted in the exact website that I wanted. After the website was complete, they started working on my SEO and within weeks, my website ranking significantly moved up. Their customer service is exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend their team.