Our network of clients, business owners, investors and professionals can be utilized to provide unique business opportunities.


Our clients are our first priority and we are vigilant to make deals that benefit our clients. Oftentimes we are in a unique position to broker mutually beneficial deals between two of our clients giving you an exclusive network of potential business partners we can personally recommend.

In addition to our clients we frequently network with a large number of businesses and business owners. We can draw on this extensive network to provide business deals, acquisitions, clients and services.

Business Owners


We have a number of deep pocket investors that we work with. If you have a great business idea or need funding we can put you in front of the right people to make your dreams a reality. 

We have connections with various suppliers and vendors that can find the products or services you need to operate your business smoothly and profitably.



At Empire Strategists we work with a network of Legal, Tax, Sales, Marketing, Accounting and Real-Estate professionals. If you are in need of a specific service we can contact and facilitate that for you.

You don’t need to do it all alone. Let our extensive network of business owners and professionals benefit you and make your dreams a reality.