Zadart FAQ



Zad is an ancient word meaning royalty and fortune; the essence of our Zadart brand.

Try the experience yourself and you will understand why “The Art of Zad” has made Zadart the premiere exotic car club and rental agency in the Pacific Northwest.


Our attractive prices gets us many out-of-state inquiries, especially from California and Oregon.

While delivering the car outside the range of 300 miles from Seattle is more complex, we can still accommodate it. However, the delivery cost is significantly higher as it must include also the rental fees for the days that the car is spending on the interstate being delivered.

Although the delivery is expensive, renting our cars in California can still make financial sense especially for longer term rentals (more than a couple of weeks).


We love repeat business!

If you can commit to rent from us regularly, we will make it worthwhile for you.

Our Zadart Dream Club is designed to reward our loyal customers with access to our fleet for a fraction of the price.

Call and us we can schedule a meeting to go over with you on this amazing program.


The rental rates are subject to the laws of supply and demand and thus are variable.

You will get the best prices if you book in the middle (Mon-Thu) of the week. Weekends can be 25% more expensive than mid-week rates.

High season (May-September) and holidays command additional premiums just like hotels, airlines and other car rental businesses do.

We do give special discounts for longer term rentals.


You can cancel your reservation within 72 hours after making it for a full refund as long as your trip is scheduled for more than 7 days before the cancelation date.

If you miss your window, you can still cancel the reservation and you will be refunded the security deposit and the delivery fee in full. If your cancelation is more than 48 hours before the scheduled rental the rental fee will stay as a credit for future rentals. Otherwise your rental fee is forfeit.

We make a special dispensation for snow days. If it snows on your day of rental we will credit that day for future rentals in full. Stay home and stay safe.


It is a result of several factors:

  1. We have very aggressive pricing strategy that results in very high booking ratio. So sometimes it can be challenging to find your dream car at the desired dates requested. We encourage you to try the other cars that are available for these dates – all of them are awesome!
  2. In addition, some of the cars are engaged in long term rentals that blocks their availability for multiple weeks. If you are interested in such long term rental – let us know and we can arrange for special pricing.
  3. From time to time we will allow reservations for a car that we are still in the process of acquiring. For that car, the reservation window will be available only for 2+ months advance reservation – allowing for a healthy safety margin and ensuring we will have the car at hand when you need to pick it up.


No. No. No.

All insurance policies will immediately be voided if you race or compete with the car. Driving at high speed without insurance coverage is simply reckless. Don’t get anywhere near a race track!

We trace our cars and we know where the race tracks are around here. We will know you were there and we impose a hefty fee for violating the rule.
So please – just don’t do it.


If you are involved in an accident, follow the regular procedures – call the police, exchange personal and insurance details (your own insurance) with the other party just like you would do with your own car.

Once you have done that – you must call and notify us so we can start notifying other customers of the situation and make alternate arrangements.

If the car can be driven safely back to us, please bring it back. Otherwise we will need to tow it to a garage.

You and your insurance company will need to cover the damages as described in the rental agreement.


We do not sell or provide insurance for the car. However, if you own a car, your own insurance policy will typically cover rental cars as well but you must verify it with your insurance carrier.

Almost all personal auto insurance policies in the USA also cover rental cars without any discrimination.  However, to rent our cars you will need to make sure that your comprehensive coverage is raised to at least $100,000 and up to $250,000 (for the Lambo, Ferrari, and McLaren). Raising the coverage on your existing policy is typically very easy and require just a quick phone call to your agent.

Indeed, most of our customers use their own personal auto insurance for the rental. If you run into issues with your insurance agent we can help you straighten it out – we have developed an expertise in the subject. Our experience taught us that many insurance agents are not familiar with the rental car coverage that the policy provides. Some may even tell you that exotic cars are excluded. In almost all cases they would be wrong as the standard insurance policy does not exclude exotic and luxury cars.

Raising your comprehensive coverage can take as little as 5 minutes and will cost you about $5 for the duration of the rental (you can reduce back the coverage after the rental). Some insurance companies require 3 business days to change the coverage so make sure you handle this well before you arrive to pick up the car.

We will check and verify that you have a proper car insurance policy in force that includes both liability and comprehensive coverage. You must bring your insurance card with you when you pick the rental car up.

BEWARE of relying on the credit card companies coverage for rental cars. They all EXCLUDE coverage for luxury car rentals. That said, American Express has an excellent program for Luxury rentals but they charge (a very reasonable) additional fee for it. We highly recommend using them!

If you do not have an insurance policy in force, let us know. There are companies online that will gladly sell you insurance coverage on rental cars. Not all of them will allow luxury cars. We can help you find them if you need help. In addition, you may want to consider a “non-owner car insurance policy” – it will serve you especially well if you intend to rent multiple times.


You need to bring your:

  1. driver’s license
  2. your car insurance card
  3. an alternate form of identification (credit card, employee badge etc).

You also need to bring your wits with you. If we suspect that you are intoxicated, even slightly, we will cancel your rental without a refund.
We are not joking here – these are fast lethal machines and we will not allow you to endanger yourself or others with them.


Yes we do deliver.

We can typically deliver to the SeaTac Airport, Seattle and around the east side. However, we can also deliver much long distances.

We do charge for the delivery to cover our costs. We are not trying to make a profit here – but there are driver hours, miles and fuel to deliver the car and then the driver has to take a Taxi back to our business. It all adds up…

We can also do long distance delivery and pick up (Portland, Spokane, Vancouver or Bellingham). For such distances, the delivery costs are substantially higher and the logistics are more complex. But nothing is out of the question.

We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. And sometimes, thousands of extra miles! One of our customers wanted to drop the car in New Jersey! It was complex (and expensive), but we were able to pull it off because your wishes are our command.


Our normal business hours 10:00AM to 8:00PM.

However your satisfaction is paramount and we will do our best to accommodate your situation within reason.

If you have special needs outside our business hours, let us know and we will try to find a way to make it work.


Each of our cars have an associated hourly rental rate and a cost per mile rate. To “Rent by the Hour” please book the car for the exact dates and times desired. You will get charged for the hourly service. Upon return, you will get charged for miles driven.

Please make sure to return the car at the time designated – there are likely other reservations for the car and a late return would be very unfair to others who are waiting for the car. As much as we hate it, we have to impose substantial late fees for late returns.

We have a minimum of 4 hours for the hourly rentals.


This is by far the greatest place to rent a car for a night on the town. The staff is very friendly and attentive, much more than i was expecting. Zach was the guy i dealt with the most, he was very business-casual and didnt mind talking about all of their great cars. I also had the luck of running into the owner while i was there, he was very energetic and easy to get along with. Customer service is for sure at the top of their list. The car i chose was the blue Audi R8 V10. The car was not flawless, but it was in very good condition considering it is a rental car. The Audi was by far worth the price i paid to have the honor of driving it. If you are looking for an exotic or luxury car to take out for the day, or even a few hours, this is the place to go. I will for sure use their service again.

Nicholas P.

Zadart is really a one of a kind place! Awesome vehicles, great staff, and an overall amazing experience!! Doug and JD will really take great care of everything to make sure you have an excellent time. I drove the 2012 458 Italia. Absolutely amazing vehicle! And since it was my first time driving an exotic of that calibur Doug made sure I knew everything I needed to know before taking off down the road. That helped tremendously because it really made it so the time I had with the vehicle wasn’t wasted trying to figure out what the different buttons do…etc. The vehicle was in great shape. No weird worn out parts, faded colors, or funky noises. This was in garage queen like condition. Really great for my first time, I mean I’ve seen on YouTube what a terrible exotic rental looks like, this place was the exact opposite! Overall amazing company and I’m sure with this level of service and vehicles that they will be around for a long time to come!

Danny P.

Zadart is run buy gentlemen. This company has it together: great service, new clean cars, amazing. The customer experience from start to finish was impeccable, and cars are outright astonishing! I had very good time with Lamborghinis and will definitely chose this company again next time. I rented Lamborghini Gallardo and Lamborghini Huracán and I would say that every cent I gave them was worth it. I recommend Zadart prestige luxury rentals to everyone who can afford. I am a “frequent flier” of these cars. Thank you very much guys.

Robert U.

Doug, Eric, and the entire Zadart team run a world class operation. I have had the pleasure of renting a couple times from Zadart when I am in town, most recently their brand new Lamborghini Huracan, and I can tell you there are few better ways to enjoy a beautiful Seattle day than behind the wheel of your dream car. Their prices are significantly less than rental agency’s elsewhere (LA/Vegas) but their cars are in just as good of condition. To make a good thing better, it seems they’re always adding new cars to the fleet, so I’ll never run out of new options. Whether it’s a special occasion or just a spoiling of yourself, Zadart is truly the way to go. Thanks, guys. Ps: I must warn you, if you rent once, you WILL be back!

Spencer F.